Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence abbreviated as AI, is the branch of computer science concerned with making machines intelligent. Artificial intelligence can be used in a wide range of fields including education, medical diagnosis, robot control, computer games, law, scientific discovery, stock trading etc.

It is difficult to give a solid definition of AI as it cannot be characterized in general that what kind of computational procedures can be called intelligent. Some may accept chess game program as an example of AI while some may refer artificial intelligence to a computer having full human level intelligence. Currently, no computers exhibit full artificial intelligence but the ultimate effort is to make computer programs that stimulates human behavior and solve real-world problems.

Artificial intelligence definition
The science and engineering of making intelligent machines which are able to simulate human behavior is called artificial intelligence(AI).

Various examples of AI software are:

  1. Siri – by Apple
  2. Microsoft Cortana – by Microsoft
  3. Google Now – By Google
  4. S-Voice – by Samsung

Branches of artificial intelligence

  1. Computer vision
  2. Epistemology
  3. Heuristics
  4. Machine learning
  5. Natural language processing
  6. Neural networks
  7. Ontology
  8. Pattern recognition
  9. Reasoning
  10. Speech recognition
  11. Statistical AI

Fact: The term “Artificial Intelligence” was coined by John McCarthy in 1955 at MIT.