Random Access Memory (RAM)

RAM is a type of computer memory. It stands for Random Access Memory. It is often called primary memory or main memory of a computer. It is the most common type of memory found in computers and other electronic gadgets and devices like smart-phones, printers, tablets etc.

It is a type of memory which can be accessed randomly and thus is is know as random access memory. Though several modern types of DRAM are not actually random access as the data is read in bursts.

RAM definition
RAM is a volatile memory which stores the data, instructions and results of the program currently being executed by the processor and the temporary data which is frequently used.

RAM is often called a volatile or temporary memory because the information stored in RAM is lost if the power supply is turned off.

The two main types of RAM:

  1. Static RAM (SRAM)
  2. Dynamic RAM (DRAM)

Note: While the term ‘main memory’ is mostly referred to RAM, sometimes the term can also be used to collectively describe RAM, cache memory and ROM.