Image Scanner

Image scanner or optical scanner is a type of scanner that generates a digital representation of an image for data input to a computer.

Image scanner definition

An image scanner (often abbreviated to just scanner) is an electronic device which can read or scan graphics, text or handwritten document and translate it into an electronic format that the computer can understand.

Types of Image Scanner

Various types of image scanners are as follows:

  1. Drum scanner
  2. Flatbed scanner
    1. CCD scanner
    2. CIS scanner
  3. Film scanner
  4. Hand or hand-held scanner
    1. Hand-held document scanner
    2. Hand-held 3D scanner
    3. Smartphone scanner apps

Nowadays, scanners generally use a charge coupled device (CCD) or a contact image sensor (CIS) as the image sensor, whereas older drum scanners use a photo-multiplier tube as the image sensor.