A scanner is a hardware device or a software or combination of both used for examining, reading, searching or monitoring something. Most of the scanners uses light, radiation, ultrasound, or magnetic resonance imaging, as a diagnostic aid.

Note: Don’t get confused with image scanners which converts an image hard copy into digital soft copy. In computing, image scanners are often abbreviated to just scanner. Image scanner is a type of scanner.

Scanner definition

A scanner is a machine or software that examines or converts an object into digital format which can be further analysed.

Types of scanner

Various types of scanners are as follows:

  1. Image scanner
  2. 3D scanner
  3. Radio scanner
  4. Neutron scanner
  5. Antivirus
  6. Port scanner
  7. Barcode reader
  8. Vulnerability scanner
  9. Biometric scanner
  10. Lexical analyzer
  11. Stepper