Modular programming

Modular programming also called as stepwise refinement or top-down design is a programming approach that breaks down program.. read more>>


In software engineering, a module is a part of a program. Programs are composed of one or more.. read more>>

Message Passing

Message passing is a type of communication between processes or objects in computer science. In this model, processes.. read more>>

Data Abstraction

The concept of representing important details and hiding away the implementation details is called data abstraction. This programming.. read more>>


Inheritance in programming languages is a concept of OOP which supports hierarchical classification and reusability of code. A.. read more>>

Dynamic Binding

Dynamic binding also called dynamic dispatch is the process of linking procedure call to a specific sequence of.. read more>>


UML(Unified Modeling Language) is a modeling language which helps to simplify the process of software design. UML includes.. read more>>


Polymorphism means having one name and many forms or shape. The term polymorphism comes from Greek roots. In.. read more>>

Information Hiding

Information hiding or data hiding in programming is about protecting data or information from any inadvertent change throughout.. read more>>


Encapsulation is packing or combining two or more items in one unit. The concept of encapsulation is used.. read more>>