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Computer Network

The purpose of a computer network is to create a link between multiple computer systems and support communication.. read more>>


Generally a writer who posts his work regularly on a website is called a blogger. Blogger definition A.. read more>>


Computer Programming is the process or action of planning and writing the code of a computer program. Generally.. read more>>

URL (Uniform Resource Locator)

URL (Uniform / Universal Resource Locator) is a string which suggests where can be a file found on.. read more>>

Geek (Nerd)

According to dictionary a person who is foolish, unfashionable, single minded or clumsy is called a geek or.. read more>>


Internet is nothing else than a big computer network. It is a computer network which is spread all.. read more>>

Operating System (OS)

An operating system (OS) is a software which manages all the hardware and software components of a computer.. read more>>

Computer Hardware

Hardware is a term which is generally used to describe the components which we can see and touch... read more>>

Computer and Digital Computer

In simple terms, computer is a machine which can perform arithmetic or logical operations. The word “Computer” comes.. read more>>