IT and Miscellaneous

Information Technology

Information technology (abbreviated as IT) is nothing but technology related with information. I.T. has wide variety of areas.. read more>>


Technology is a broad concept which in simple words can be defined as the application of scientific knowledge.. read more>>


UML(Unified Modeling Language) is a modeling language which helps to simplify the process of software design. UML includes.. read more>>

Data Structure

In a computer, we need a proper system of storing and retrieval of data. Such system is called.. read more>>

Data Type

Data type refers to the kind of data. The data type in programming, refers to what kind of.. read more>>


Information is processed data. Information is the message or expression being conveyed. Information is data presented in way.. read more>>


Data is a raw fact. Data is the plural of datum, however people prefer to use the term.. read more>>